Loving Others to Christ

We hear from Christians often that Jesus Saves, Jesus is the only way, but is this the cookie cutter answer for many questions being asked of us? Does it truly hold meaning when we say those things? It seems so easy to say, as if we are just talking, and we are making God too small.

Personally, when I’m seeking God, I feel like I’m talking too much, and not listening (or feeling) enough. I know this for a fact, because in the dream I mentioned in my previous blog, I encountered Jesus. When I encountered Him, I couldn’t even speak because I was trembling with awe. I couldn’t even speak, except to whisper “I love you, God!”. I could barely speak. This is how powerful God is!

Just yesterday, a friend told me she believed in God, but there were just too many clichés, like “Jesus saves”, or even worse “Just trust, and everything will be ok”. Words are merely words until we are brought into God’s presence through His kindness and compassion. Those words don’t mean a thing before then.

It wasn’t those words that convinced me to believe, but kindness of a loving God. The way Jesus gazed upon me with those compassionate loving eyes caused me to tremble, and open my heart for Him to come in. It is the Holy Spirit that convicts us, and God will use any way He sees necessary for us to repent and believe. For me, it was that dream.

Our jobs as Christians are to love people to Christ, rather than preaching. The adage of ‘actions speak louder than words’ rings true. We can’t try to convince someone to have faith, as that is the job of the Holy Spirit. We are instruments in His hands.

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